As long as I can remember I have been told I have an old soul. My obsession with vintage music started at a young age. I spent hours flipping through massive stacks of vinyl, dropping the needle on a groove, and analyzing album covers. I now realize that design is much of what drew me in to this world. Vintage album covers possess a unique energy—the imagery, graphics, and typography provoked me deeply. Just like music, good design evokes memories and triggers emotions. I couldn’t imagine designing without music.

Today, my design process always begins with looking at old typefaces, architecture, art, films—anything and everything creative. With all the inspiration I’ve acquired from beyond my years, I’ve developed an acute awareness of the how the past affects our appreciation of visual language. Like all creative mediums, great design is timeless. I’m endlessly inspired by designers like Saul Bass, whose logos are still beautiful and relevant fifty years later. While it’s important that we look forward, I firmly believe that the past dictates the future.